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RYA Cosmo, affiliated to the Rajasthan Youth Association is one of the most respected social organisations in the city. RYA Cosmo Foundation Medi-Bank was launched on 5th March, 1995 with the theme of "Care the Uncared". We distribute free medicines to needy patients in the Geriatric Ward & Cancer Ward of Government General Hospital. We also operate and manage a full fledged Medical Day Care Centre, Dialysis Centre, Cost-to-cost Pharmacy & Dispensary that offer affordable medical assistance to the needy. With "CARE THE UNCARED" as our motto we are the only NGO to have adopted the Geriatric Ward in the Government Hospital. Run on the generous donations from our selfless members the Shantidevi Jawaharmal Chandan Day Care & Diagnostic Centre offers facilities like Dialysis, Ultra Sound Scan, Echo, ECG, TMT, X-Ray, Laboratory, Multi Specialty Consultancy and a Cost to Cost Pharmacy. On eve of 20th year of our NGO we have started an Eye clinic, modernized Physiotherapy and additional Dental Unit.

The prime step towards achieving the goal of rendering health care services to the community by putting into effect cost containment strategies, as it brings us closer to the community by making the services accessible to all.

Above all its about expanding our service of human care & touch to all sections of the community.We want to support real improvements in health & health related issues for our local population.

Aims & Objectives

Our Strategic aim focuses towards quality clinical services. To provide effective & efficient services, which is affordable to all.To deliver services to the highest standards.


Our vision is to provide excellence in clinical quality our ultimate aim is to develop health care system, that contributes to the quest for the healthier community.


  • To be the finest provider of quality health care at affordable cost
  • To provide outstanding patient care at every stage
  • In pursuit of this mission the values which will guide.
  • Respecting everyone
  • Recognizing success
  • Working together

Trust Policy:

RYA Cosmo Foundation is committed to deliver excellence in providing compassionate health care at an affordable cost, to break the barriers of inequality existing in health care system & with the motto of outreaching all the services to even the common man.

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